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Hi, I'm Laurent
During March 2013, I purchased my first DJI Phantom and have been flying drones ever since. Having spent 27 years growing up in Southern France, I wanted an adventure and I was on route to New Zealand via 11 countries over the course of 15 months.

This was my first opportunity to gather aerial photods and videos, whilst crossing over places such as Russia, Central Mongolia, the Great Wall of China and Indonesia.

I guess you could say the rest is history, that I’ve been flying drones ever since? But, it was from this initial trip where my passion for videography transpired and I learned that I not only wanted to share my adventures with the world but, I want to take this drone business more seriously.

The result of my drone journey to New Zealand made it to the official selections for several film festivals and won the “Best Landscape” category award at the US Drove Festival 2016, Oklahoma City, USA. Having been a Computer Programmer most my adult life, I guess I’m fortunate to have ‘techie’ skills that video editing didn’t become so much of a difficult task. However, I didn’t just want to razzle-dazzle people with widely editing footage, I wanted to visually tell, a story.

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